Eid celebrations tainted by terror attacks

Sadly, the most recent Eid holidays were stained by the inexcusable violence and terror that has targeted Muslims. The tragic events have left the Muslim community sad and fearful.

Many children showed off their new outfits; restaurants were full and many headed to the Mosques to say their prayers. However, happiness was not quite complete.

Just a few days before Eid, a suicide bomber attacked Prophet’s Mosque (p.u.h) in Medina. ISIS claimed the attack on the 2nd holiest site in the world. They also struck Baghdad Road, a busy street that saw the murder of 250 innocent people. Many other countries including Turkey were the victims of horrendous attacks by terrorists.

Many Iraqi Americans took to the streets protesting that they didn’t want Eid, but they wanted justice for Karrada. Thousands of people gathered in front of the Karbala Center in Dearborn to demonstrate against the terrorists.

Not only were the demonstrators mourning the victims; but they also showed their support for the army of Iraq. A time that should be for celebrations was mixed with sadness because of the tragic events that unfolded, stated Mohamad Alhamdani. People have been deeply affected by the events.

Similarly, Mohamad Abdelnabby, who was shopping for sweets, expressed the same sadness. He and his wife decided to stay at home for Eid as they felt it was too painful to celebrate given all the war and crisis. He felt like this year’s Eid was very different to previous ones and felt like it was wrong to celebrate after what happened.

On the other hand, Safaa Jaber argues that children should have the right to enjoy Eid. She celebrated Eid with her children at the Islamic Center of America. She believes that while everyone feels the pain and mourns for the victims, children should not be punished.

Jim Safiedine, chairperson of the Islamic Center of America said the center was responsible for hosting more than 2,000 people during Eid festivities. Many of which included children’s activities that were organized after the prayers.

The chairperson said that the event was a beautiful and humble celebration. The center looked amazing. It was all decorated in bright colors and sparkling decorations. Kids were excited as they struck poses in front of the photo booth. Kids were entertained as giant screens showed Islamic-themed cartoons.

The Islamic Center of America insists that celebrations were necessary to ensure that the community is united and pull together during difficult times.

Also, hundreds of people stood together for Eid prayers at the Hamtramck Memorial Park. After the prayers, families arrived with their children to enjoy the festival. The festival was bright, and everyone was dressed appropriately with men wearing traditional Yemeni outfits including a turban, blazer, dishdasha and a colored scarf used as a belt.

Despite the sadness and sorrow that the Muslim community face, significant efforts have been made to ensure that the meaning and purpose of Eid hasn’t been forgotten.