Increased distribution of halal products in the U.S.

The past four years have seen many recent developments in the availability of halal food across the United States with several major outlets are now displaying halal items which are readily available to customers.

CaptureHalal chicken from Crescent Foods can now be purchased at over seventy Walmart stores across the nation. Frozen Halal meals from Saffron Road are also available to consumers at Whole Foods stores, Pathmark, and other retail giants. Some of the world’s top advertising firms now offer Islamic branding services as well.

It took some time, but after many discussions and consultations, a vision was established for AMCC. It was imperative to both understand and address the needs of American Muslim consumers and help to promote the businesses and entrepreneurs who develop such products and services to the market.

Building a connection between entrepreneurs and organizations who address the consumers needs has been a vital step forward. Organizations such as the Muslim Consumer Group have done extensive research into whether or not ingredients which are being used in food products available in supermarkets are Halal. There are also several organizations which provide halal certification services such as Halal Advocates of America, Islamic Services of America, Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, and Pure Halal Center.

Numerous companies across the United States work with other neighborhood outlets and supermarkets to market their products nationwide and include the likes of Crescent Foods, Midamar, Saffron Road, and Al Safa. Walking through the aisles of supermarkets and seeing the word ‘halal’ on the shelves is becoming more common nowadays, and can be attributed to the progress made in marketing these brands.

CaptureYoung entrepreneurial companies offering halal products have also emerged on the market in the United States. Noor Kids, for instance, is a company which develops products for children aimed at making Islamic education more fun. Noor Vitamins have launched a range of halal vitamins for Muslims, and then there are others, including JaanJ which focuses on the design and production of non-silk halal vegan ties.

Amara Cosmetics have developed a range of halal cosmetics for Muslim consumers and another company ‘LittleBigKids’ has numerous culturally and religiously inspired items on sale for children. These are just some of the many halal companies in the United States, and the list is getting longer each year.

More initiatives have helped shape the Muslim marketplace in the United States including business ventures such as Islamic Finance companies, media which promotes the American Muslim market, as well as online and regional Muslim publications.

Non-Muslim journalists, Carla Power from Time Magazine and Paul Barrett from BusinessWeek have also written about the upcoming American Muslim market, and the advertising giant, Ogilvy & Mather has an entire division to advocate the Muslim Market.

Such developments have been valuable to the growing Muslim community. The platform, however, still needs to undergo further development to enable more interaction and exchange between entrepreneurs and businesses.

American Muslims are set to make more significant contributions through their entrepreneurial and commercial contributions as this new generation brings forward fresh ideas on business, media, trade and finance for a new vision.