Instructions for performing Eid-Ul-Adha prayer

Eid is a significant and extraordinary time for Muslims and one factor that makes it particularly important is the Eid-ul-Adha congregational prayer.

For the Muslim community, the Eid-ul-Adha only takes place once a year. Therefore, there is sometimes some confusion regarding how to perform the ritual. Below, we detail steps on how to do the prayer correctly.

As a rule of thumb, always follow the imam in prayer when praying any Salah. Refrain from carrying out movements like bowing or prostrating before the Imam does so. Also, do not perform the actions differently from the Imam; you should do the movements identically.

Also, Eid prayers incorporate two units. The major contrast between the way Eid-ul-Adha prayer and any other prayer is the amount of Takbirs that are performed. For those of you that are just starting your prayer journey, takbirs refer to when the person praying says “Allahu Akbar” when raising their hands to their ears.

Firstly, aim to do two Rakat behind the Imam for Eid prayer. In addition to this, you should complete six Takbirs.

The first Raka:

The Imam will say ‘Allahu Akbar” for the first time. After he does this, you should raise your hands and follow his actions. This action classes as the first Takbir of the prayer.

Before the Imam begins reciting Quran, there are then 3 Takbirs. After the Imam states “Allahu Akbar” everyone should continue by raising their hands and then replacing them to the sides of your body. After the third Takbir is completed, the Imam starts reciting the Quran. You should then place your hands on your chest. Ensure that your right hand is one top of the left one.

Next, pay particular attention by listening carefully to the recitation of the Holy Quran. You will hear the Imam reciting Surah Al-Fatiha followed by another Surah.

You should position yourself into the bowing stance when the Imam says Sami Allahu liman Hamidah. This translates to ‘Allah hears those who praise him’.

When you hear the Imam say “Allahu Akbar” you should maneuver into Sujud, a prostration position. You will do two prostrations like an ordinary prayer.

The second Raka:

Firstly, listen to the Imam recite the Holy Quran.

Before going into Ruku, there will be 3 Takbirs. At this point, you should follow the Imam as he leads the prayer. Again, raise your hands each time the Imam says “Allahu Akbar.” After the third Takbir, position yourself into the bowing position, also called the Ruku.

After the Imam states “Sami Allah huliman Hamidah” you should stand up straight immediately and in a quiet voice say “Rabbana lakal Hamd.”

The Imam will then say “Allahu Akbar.” When he says this you must do two prostrations. You then sit for the entire Tashshahud.

The Imam will end the prayer by turning his face to the right first, stating “Assalmu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah” and then repeating the process while facing to the left. You should follow his lead and do the same.

Remember not to get up immediately. It’s highly recommended that you stay for a short while to listen to the imam’s speech.