Cosmetics manufacturer enters the halal market

Cosmax Inc. is a South Korean “cosmetic material developer and original design manufacturer” who have recently begun production of fifty halal-certified products at their plant in Jakarta, Indonesia in an attempt to tap into the halal market.

The company is the first Korean cosmetic manufacturer to be halal certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), which is one of the top halal certification agencies worldwide. Since March, they have entered the Halal cosmetics market which stipulates that the products be made without using a surfactant or any antiseptic. No collagen derived from pigs or any alcoholic extracts should be added either.

It is essential for them as manufacturers that they are equipped with a line specifically for halal products only and that the raw materials at the plant be dealt with in an entirely separate space. These additional expenses see the price of halal cosmetics being considerably higher than other cosmetics, by as much as thirty percent.

Halal products manufactured for the cosmetics industry are well sought after by Muslim women who give Cosmax Inc. the opportunity to build a good reputation for themselves as well as brand loyalty relatively easily.

According to Cosmax Inc., the halal cosmetics market across the globe is valued at an estimated eighty-eight billion U.S. Dollars and with the market as it stands, they are expecting a significant growth rate within the next few years.

CaptureThe cosmetics market in Indonesia is the perfect location for Cosmax Inc. to test their market for halal cosmetics, with eighty-seven percent of the country’s large population being Muslim.

Cosmax Inc. focuses on color and skin care products in Indonesia. Indonesian consumers favor color cosmetics which offer advanced UV protection. An increase in popularity of skin care products which have vegetable oils seems to be more popular nowadays too.

Since their cosmetics have been put on the market across Indonesia, they were made available to major brands including L’Oreal and Unilever. Local brands such as Mustika Ratu and Zoya Cosmetics are also part of their new clientele.

Cosmax Inc. brought in billions of Dollars in sales from their sales across Indonesia last year. At this rate, halal cosmetic sales are expected to see a steep incline in the coming years. They will also produce a range suited to the Thai and Malaysian cultures in particular by the end of 2016.