Dating & Marriage

Marriage advice for women

A happy marriage is a solid foundation for a successful life. However, an unhappy marriage may lead to many problems in future. Finding a suitable spouse is key. This article targets Muslim women in particular, as women often suffer the most. We have given ten tips which I am sure you will find useful. Bear in mind that these points also apply to men.

Marriage is your choice.

Remember, it’s your life and it should be your decision and not that of your parents or other family members. The marriage is for the benefit of you and your spouse.

CaptureWhen is the right time to get married?

It is often best to get married once you have completed your studies and are able to have a career, but inevitably, you’ll know when it’s the right time.

 Write down what you are looking for in a man.

It’s a good idea to write down all the qualities you are searching for in a husband so that you can be reminded of these and consider it more seriously, but be realistic.

Make sure you don’t marry your first cousin

Not only are there the medical risks associated with marrying a family member, but also the effects which marital problems could have on the extended.

Let your family have their say

Although your family cannot choose your spouse for you, let them give their opinions, as they may give you some valuable insight. When you’re head over heels in love, it may be difficult for you to find any fault with your future husband.

Learn as much about him as possible

Try to get to know your candidate better and learn as much as you can about him and his background. Make sure that your hopes for the future and your beliefs are compatible.

Long engagements aren’t always a good idea

With all the organization involved in a wedding amidst one’s busy schedule, couples often plan to marry long after their engagement. This could be a mistake, as it is during this time that couples could have second thoughts. Once you’ve made the decision to get married, don’t put it off.

CaptureCivil wedding first

If you’re living in a Muslim minority country you need to have a civil marriage, as a nikah has no legal force. Have the civil marriage first, to ensure that it’s not put off till later, this further ensures that you are able to claim alimony, should there be a divorce.

Read your nikah contract

Read through the nikah contract, and if there is anything you are not happy with, make suggestions regarding the changes. Consider these two terms for your marriage contract: Your husband should be prohibited from taking a second wife, while married to you, and secondly, you should have the right to divorce your

It’s not about the wedding day

Weddings are great celebrations, but it is important to remember that there is more to this day, so don’t put all your energy into it and don’t waste money on unnecessary decoration etc. Just enjoy it and remember it as a special day.