Muslim-American women rock the runway!

Ekran Alıntısı

Beautiful Muslim-American woman walks the runway

A fashion show with a panel which focused on Muslim-American fashion was held earlier this year to showcase the current Muslim-American trends among women across the nation. The event was hosted by the Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilization.

The event was entitled “Muslim-American Fashion: Modesty, Identity, and Public Perception.” The fashion runway featured models such as Taiba Zahir, Annika Schmeding, Sabrina Hassan, Zainab Kazmi and Caroline Lord, who are familiar faces to many of those present at the event.

The runway show was preceded by a panel which saw the likes of Pardee School Assistant Professor, Noora Lori,  the Co-Founder of Wise Systems Layla Shaikley, an International News Journalist,  Malika Bilal, and owner of Amirah Couture, Amirah Aulaqi.

The runway was an opportunity to host a narrative, where Muslim women can focus on expression rather than oppression in the Muslim-American fashion world.

Women were excited to have a narrative that was actually about fashion, which allowed them to express what it means to be an American and wear a hijab every day, and being a Muslim-American in a time where the tension in America towards Muslims is rising.

Ekran Alıntısı

Dicussion on Muslim-American women’s fashion

Bilal is an international news journalist who always desired to be a fashion designer, but never fulfilled her dream. But as a journalist today, she c still include fashion in her career. She says that she realizes that being a designer wasn’t the right career path for her, and as a journalist, she has an opportunity to be on television every day, where she decides how she gets to present herself to viewers.

Shaikley, co-founder of Wise Systems, mentions that religion and cultural identity have very close ties in the Arab-American community, as women wear the hijab as a symbol of their faith in a time when it is so misrepresented in society.

The event was a great success and enjoyed by all!