Muslim Hipsters video unleashes controversy within Muslim community

captureA two-minute video released by Mipsterz (Muslim Hipsters) has unleashed much controversy, with many Muslim women going on about it. Only a few days after the video was viewed several tweets and Facebook posts and even blogs were posted as the public commented. Some of the posts were supportive, others more ambivalent, and some rather harsh.

Most of the criticism was directed at the way in which the Muslim women in the video were dressed, what they were doing, and even the music. Most people said that they were not impressed with the subject of the video: American Muslim Women. The Muslim community is, in fact, its harshest critic.

Sana Saeed commented on the video, entitled “Somewhere in America”, saying that although its release attempted to make Muslim women appear more like everyone else, that it objectifies them. Fatinah Waseem said that she cannot identify with the video and is concerned about the “fluffed up version of hijab” being represented.

captureThere are others who support the video including Nafia; she wrote a blog about it. She said the video made her smile, saying “They remind me of my friends and me, getting together like any normal group of girls.” Rabia Chaudry saw it as a rather “joyful expression” of who these women in the video truly are.

The truth of the matter is: Muslim women lack a voice and support within the greater Muslim community. The fact that they are so “underrepresented” is the reason for videos such as “Somewhere in America” being released. The Muslim community in American just cannot stand the truth about who these women are, and even the way they look, that is what it boils down to at the end of the day.

captureThe talented and vibrant community of Muslim women should take the conversation brought on by this video to a new level. Muslim women are so diverse, and each one contributes to society in various ways. They dress, speak and carry themselves in a unique manner, whether they are mothers, doctors, students or just friends having fun. Their voice should be heard within the community, and this video is a great foundation for it!