Simple fashion tips for Muslim women

CaptureIt is sad to see when people assume that it is near on impossible for a Muslim woman to dress fashionably. Such statements are far from the truth. There are thousands of ways to creatively create looks that are suitable for Muslim women. The best bit is that the most successful tips and advice cost little to implement. Below are five of the best tips on how to dress fashionably while abiding religious requirements concerning dressing.

1. Patterns and prints are a great way to keep outfits fashionable. Many people opt for typical neutral tones and colors, but this wont make you stand out from the crowd, especially during spring. You can find lots of information on websites describing how you can combine various colors and prints. The result is spectacular. By just mixing neutral colors with some pattern, you are left with a unique combination and look. Opt for long skirts, gorgeous, and flattering skirts paired with a trendy blazer. There are three main rules when it comes to patterns and prints. Firstly, choose one simple print, another neutral color and lastly, always select a classic shape.

2. Our next tip is always to layer up. One of Muslim women’s main issues is finding a stunning dress only to try it on and realize that it is too short, revealing or gaps in the wrong place. The easiest solution is to add layers. You can quickly put longer garments underneath dresses if possible. If you come across a short dress, then wear black leggings or jeggings underneath. Alternatively, wear longer boots. This is an excellent way to remove the amount of flesh on show in a fashionable way.

3. Cardigans are a life saver when it comes to fashion. It’s a fantastic idea to ensure that you have a few longer-length cardigans on hand, with a tighter fit worn on top of a mixed dress. This option is suitable for cooler weather too.

4. Accessories are vital in the word of fashion. There is nothing in the world that can change the dynamic of an outfit other than accessories! It’s crucial to keep things understated and funky, while also establishing a wow-factor that is timeless and elegant. Brooches, handbags, hijab pins, sunglasses and oversized rings can all be used effectively to change the look of an outfit.

5. Lastly, headscarves should never be overlooked because there are thousands of ways that you can wear them. They are a sensible and modest option that will either blend in with the rest of your outfit or give it a whole new look. Shops are stocked with millions of different colors and patterns; that means that there isn’t any excuse for not trying one! They are also very affordable; you could have a different one for each day of the week!