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Snapchat live streams of Mecca prayers before Eid al-Fitr


Muslims from all over the world have congratulated and praised Snapchat for its live streaming of prayers carried out in Mecca.

The Internet and media were full of hype and excitement. Social media was full of Muslim’s sharing their experiences or reminiscing about the prayers being witnesses live for the first time! It was a proud moment for the social media platform.

Snapchat’s decision to share snippet video footage of people worshiping at Mecca was a huge hit, not only with the Muslim community but non-Muslims too. Many people logged on to Twitter to share how they felt more aware and educated regarding Muslim rituals.

In July, Snapchat streamed an approximately 5 minutes long video footage capturing the story of events at Mecca using the account titled #Mecca_Live. The video was made up of various clips from different angles of Mecca. The video attracted worldwide attention, claiming one million viewers within minutes of its launch.

This incident is a perfect example of how social media platforms can be used in a positive way to spread awareness about other cultures important celebrations and to educate people all over the world in a fun and inspiriting way. Given Shapchat’s broad audience, the video was able to reach many different people in such a short amount of time.