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Tanveer Patel: The Indian Muslim woman who saw opportunities and siezed them

Tanveer Patel is the Cofounder and CEO of ConcertCare in Birmingham, Alabama. Her company focuses on integrated technology solutions in healthcare.


Tanveer Patel

Patel is an accomplished entrepreneur and says that she chose the healthcare sector, as she is well-informed about the industry and it is her area of expertise. Her previous company saw her working in healthcare services with one hundred employees under her.

Most of Patel’s family work in the medical field and her current partners are all into IT, so for her, it was a smart move to combine the two by starting a new venture, and that’s how her newest company started. ConcertCare serves to enable physicians and patients to connect with the use of technology and is a thriving business.

Her entrepreneurial skills have also taken her into different industries. Patel had the opportunity to purchase an Indian grocery store and jumped at the chance. She is Indian and loves to cook, buying it with the intention of changing the face of the usual ethnic stores.

She changed it, as only she knew how, by using technology. The products were all coded and digitalized, and she gave the store a revamp by adding a trendy internet café. In no time “Patel’s Spice World” was a staple in the Birmingham community and the local mosque.


Patel founded the Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama which is run entirely by volunteers

Tanveer is also Co-founder and President of the Birmingham Venture Club. She also serves as a board member for other businesses and non-profit organizations. The Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama was founded by Patel and assists 700 patients in the area who cannot afford medical insurance. She enjoys volunteering there with her husband and two sons. Every Sunday they spend time together while serving their community together as a family.

Patel’s success would not have been possible without the support of her father and her husband. Her father was an entrepreneur who taught her that if she wanted to make a difference, she “had to be at the head of the table.” At 19 he arranged her marriage for her, and she emigrated from India to the U.S. with her husband. She said that her father made the best decision of her entire life, as her husband has also been her best friend, guide, and mentor, from whom she has learned so much.

Patel’s mentioned that as a leader, she is constantly reminded of her responsibility towards other people and their families. She is always thinking of ways to assist her employees, business partners and clients to achieve their individual goals as well as their goals within her company. She says that “servant leadership” is rewarding for her as she is always thinking of others.

What about her advice to other entrepreneurs? She says that it is important to always do something while making a difference. Patel states that running after money is not the way to go. It is more beneficial to solve problems first and do things the right way, and the rewards will come later. She also added that it is important to think of how one can “be game-changing, disruptive and different” and change the way others operate.