The best halal tourism destinations

Halal tourism is becoming more and more popular as Islam is a way of life which can’t be given up even while relaxing on vacation. Other than Middle Eastern countries, there are some halal-friendly holiday destinations in several European countries. Bosnia and the U.K., in particular, are capitalizing on catering with Muslim clients in mind with halal hotels and restaurants. Here are some halal-friendly holiday destinations worth visiting.

CaptureMalaysians mix their Islamic tradition and modernity in a unique way. It is in fact, their government which defined the ‘halal standards’ that are used for food, products, and services nowadays and not surprising that it is a top halal holiday destination. For Muslim tourists, Malaysia is not just a beautiful vacation spot but a country reflecting an ideal Islamic lifestyle, as it integrates its cultural and historical tradition into the contemporary society which they have today.

Turkey has become a favored destination among Muslim travelers. The country has aimed to draw tourists from the Gulf countries and has since seen a boom in their tourism industry. Turkey is among the few countries which offer Muslims enjoyable beach vacations without having to bother about privacy. Antalya and Marmaris along Turkey’s coastline have a wide range of halal hotels and resorts for Muslim clients, as “luxury meets Islamic lifestyle.” It is not only the international but also local tourists who are taking advantage of the halal tourism in Turkey.

Bosnia’s cultural and historical heritage is influenced by both the East and the West. In this European country, both Islamic and Christians elements exist within society, which is probably why they developed their halal tourism rather rapidly. Bosnia is a country where Muslims are welcomed and can experience a pleasant vacation experience.

CaptureDubai and Abu Dhabi attract the largest number of inbound international tourists in the United Arab Emirates. Not only do they draw in holiday makers, but also travelers on business. The UAE is seen among Muslim travelers as the most luxurious of all halal holiday destinations.

It is popular among Turkish travelers, as well as those from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. You can experience a combination of la dolce vita in Dubai, or have a more cultural experience in Abu Dhabi; the choice is yours.

Morocco is another halal destination offering travels through its “mystical souks” and various mosques and even a more cosmopolitan experience for those who prefer luxury. The country is full of romance and mystery, surrounding their traditions, which leave travelers with an unforgettable journey they will never forget. Morocco is rich in cultural history which is also reflected in the contemporary culture. It is a charming holiday destination for young and old.