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The key to happy Muslim relationships

With high divorce rates, many people question whether it is possible for a Muslim to be married and very happy these days. The answer is yes! It’s completely possible. For Muslims, marriage is more than simply being husband and wife. A marital relationship is a special blessing, according to Allah.

So, what is the key to a happy and fulfilling relationship? Below we share some particular habits that happy Muslim couples embrace.

Firstly, happy couples are those that love one another in the name of Allah. Those who base their love upon the obedience of Allah are those that are most satisfied. It may seem difficult to understand, but if your partner loves you for the sake of Allah, then you will see the evidence. For example, every time they help you be more generous or less extravagant they are showing their commitment to helping you get closer to Allah.

Couples who enjoy long marriages are those who are grateful for each other. Every human being in a partnership requires one fundamental need; to feel appreciated and relevant by his or her other half. It is an easy and common mistake for people to take their partners for granted. When couples are newly wed, they appreciate nearly everything and savor the unique things that their husband or wife does for them. However, as the years go by couples tend to focus less on the things they do for each other and disregard them as ‘normal duties’. Refrain from following in these footsteps; appreciate even the small stuff.

Also, remember to keep communication fun. As years go by couples’ communication between each other gets less. They forget to say thank you on a text, or even answer the phone nicely. It’s not how we would text any friend; so don’t give your partner treatment that you wouldn’t even give to a stranger. Happy Muslim couples always take the time to communicate effectively, joke with each other, flirt and give compliments. The small things make big differences.

Moreover, happy couples are comfortable with each other. While they know that their husband or wife will still find them beautiful without their best clothes on, they understand that it is important to make the effort still. Make an effort with your appearance as much as you can and do so for your spouse; they will appreciate it. It takes no longer than 20 minutes to take a shower, put on some nice clothes and a splash of perfume. Taking a small part of your day to look beautiful and presentable for your partner is a small price to pay for relationship harmony.

Perhaps the most important habit of happy Muslim couples is making time for each other, regardless of everything going on around them. There are 24 hours in a day, so there is no such excuse for not having time for your loved one. Strong relationships require attention every day. Talk a walk together, watch a film, talk about each other’s day and schedule a time and place if needed.

The point of this article is that there are many natural, simple habits that you can adopt to ensure that you and your partner enjoy a long and happy marriage together. Kick the bad habits now and start making positive changes today.